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Hong Kong Sphere

A Project in collaboration with Guya Di Bella, Boris Hamzeian, Nicola Masotti, Fabio Stranieri. 2013

Honour Mention_Superskyscraper

HKS will serve Hong Kong as one of the best contemporary interpretations of Paolo Soleri' s concept of Arcology. Doing so the HKS System will reveal itself as the meeting point of the two ecological systems in which Hong Kong grows incredibly fast: the natural biosphere made of the numerous parks existing in the city centre on one hand, and, on the other, the human presence embodied by the giant will of human desires: skyscrapers. HKS is the answer of the ever fighting balance of these two ecological systems. The logical unification of the two ecosystem will be found in the theoretical reflection on the human being, living towards Nature. Two planets became one in the simplicity of the form: a sphere. 100 meter high, 100 meter deep, 100 meter wide. The sphere with its purity and simplicity acts as the unification of human and natural environment and distinguishes itself in the constant architectural question of new landmarks. Placed in the living centre of the frenetic trading centre of Hong Kong, it will live as a magnetic and silent landmark where a community of 600 people will solve harmonically the main purpose of living, working, and circulating in the lifecycle of human beings.