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Living Arena ©

A Project in collaboration with Boris Hamzeian, Olmo Martellacci, Nicola Masotti. 2012

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Living Arena is a soccer training centre which embodies the powerful engines of both culture and sport. The massive and unique structure works as a machine in which all the young talents will experience the perfect balance of cultural and physical training. The choice to define all the purpose programme in only one building is the answer of the will to create a powerful landmark that can become the starting point of the rehabilitation of all the surroundings. The building is open towards the heart of the site, and this could represent an important inception to redevelop the entire area starting from the reorganization of the main internal orthogonal axes, the rehabilitation of the pre-existing public functions, new public spaces as the new auditorium, some new services, and an improved viability. The project, defined as the anthem of the soccer temple, shows itself as a combination of public and private. It reacts with sensibility towards all the purposes that the park solves nowadays. All the citizens are invited through the landmark of a grass arena, in which people are able to spend their time taking part in one of the most famous tradition of the country, el futbol.