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The New Mosque for Genova

A Project in collaboration with Boris Hamzeian, Hanna Jorem. San Rocco Summer School September 2013.

Mosque for Genova is a place where the endeavour of a religious belief meets the present political insecurity of a communal house of pray. The proposal for a Mosque in Genoa represents a living dialogue between temporality and permanence.

Permanence is solved thanks to a typological de-composition of the traditional mosque in a series of element physically quoted. In so doing starting from the concept of temenos, the mosque consists on a squared piazza, physically separated from the surroundings thanks to a different ground level.


The element echoed from the tradition Mosque will act here as a physical catalyst and an hedonistic monument for a contemporary public space able to solve not only the purpose of a traditional mosque but also a living machine of cultural, religious and social events.

Reducing the physical idea of the mosque using an essential series of its remarkable icons such as the dome, the façade, the piazza and the minaret, the mosque of Genoa transforms itself as a profound reflection of the fragility of the mosque in the local politics on one hand and new possibility for its architectural semantics in the contemporary age.