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Tokio Replay Center ©

A Project in collaboration with Boris Hamzeian, Jacopo Gallo, Nicola Masotti, Cristina Parodi. 2012

The New Tokyo Replay Centre has been conceived as a contemporary reflection on Japanese architecture. It reveals itself as an example of introverted architecture that aims at becoming the living heart of the Otaku' s world. The light and minimalist structure play the part of an elegant mechanism, created as a silent and introspective listener of crowded daily lives, and a bright white light in the colourful night sky. Only 5 minutes away from the Akihabara central station, the building is set in a key position in terms of geography and accessibility. In the act of replacing part of an important radio station, well known among the citizens, the relationship with the surroundings plays an essential role in the project. Our answer is to declare the new TRC as a break from the eclectic style which typically defines the surroundings. Here, the multi-coloured and rather kitsch facades, made of advertisements and media screens, are to be replaced by a thin layer that acts as a boundary between Tokyo and Otaku' s dream worlds. The Leisure centre is composed of 3 elements: the massive permanent concrete core, the flexible structure of the karaoke centre and the instant art of the pure white balloon.

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