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Tu-Be Brazilian ©

A Project in collaboration with Guya Di Bella, Boris Hamzeian, Olmo Martellacci.

Special Mention

The project is based on a reflection about the typology of the "house in line", used in the OAS proposal. Trying to study a new interpretation of this typology throught some historical example (first of all the "Linear city" of Ginzburg and Ladovskij), "Tu Be Brazilian" project transforms the limits of the "fillet's city", in elements that create urban episodes founded on the concept of better living. There are two main concepts at the base ofe the project: 1_the stair: introducing many appartments with an external stair, is possible to create a muotlifunctional promenade on the top of complex which allows the fruibility and the creation of an iconic skyline. 2_expansion : the possibility of expansion is expected in every apartment. This could be realized thanks to a secondary and removable structure that is not hidden but clearly showed.